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I Assailant -
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The Impurity -
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Melodic Hardcore -
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Life Barrier -
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Studio A recordings is a music recording/production studio located in Elma, NY and run by Anthony Potenza.

Anthony started recording in 2014, after studying under Eyal Levi (The Black Dahila Murder, Whitechapel, August Burns Red) and Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed, Toxic Holocaust) he decided to open up his own recording studio with the goal of making local artists sound as professional as national artists.




Studio A Recordings specializes in tracking live instruments. With an acoustically designed live room, and knowledge on how to mic, tune, and set up instruments, raw tracks sound great before any mixing is done.


Utilizing a wide selection of guitar amps, modelers, analog preamps and pedals, I will have any Guitar or Bass DIs sent to me sounding massive.


Studio A Recordings is known for creating punchy, and powerful modern mixes that truly stand out in today's music scene.